Top CEOs Know This Branding Secret...

Can Differentiate You In the Digital Age.

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 “No agency told us this before.  Now our Brand is #1.  Don’t Spend another dime on marketing, till you hear what Bill has to say.”

-- Scott Ashton, CEO of Aerox 

I'm Bill Schley

New York Times Best-Selling Author and  Award-Winning Brand Specialist. I’ve spent my life perfecting the branding formula any business can use to stand-out from everyone else in their market whatever their category. 

My clients have generated over $1 Billion in new Brand value with this proven  formula. 

My award-winning books include “The Micro-Script Rules” and “Why Johnny Can’t Brand,” both of which are considered marketing classics, taught by experts around the world.
"Bill Schley is the world's expert on Branding a business.  If you ever have a chance to work with him, or learn from him, you owe it to yourself to take it."

- Graham Weston

Co-Founder, Former Chairman, Rackspace NYSE:RAX

How To Stand-Out From Every Competitor
In Any Category.

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Here's what CEOs are saying:

"I'm embarrassed to say how much we wasted on smoke, mirrors and buillsh*t from agencies when I ran divisions at big companies.  So when my own business needed a brand, I called Bill.  He showed us the formula no agency ever had before.  Suddenly, the market saw us as #1 in our specialty!  It didn't just change our Brand -- it changed our whole company."
"I've led five public companies including Simmons, Carriage Industries, and Interface.  Please listen to me.  Everything Bill teaches is exactly what we did to turn around our own Brands.  He has the key to creating the best Brand in the world."

Scott Ashton

CEO, Aerox

Charlie Eitel

Former CEO, Simmons
"Our tech was great. But our Brand was so bad, wealth advisors were scared to trust us with their clients.  Then, Bill came in and gave us a Brand that inspired confidence.  Today, Foundation Source manages $19 Billion in assets."
"Before you spend another penny on marketing, before you pay a dollar to an agency, make sure you know the principles of this course."

Chris Infurchia

Former President, Foundation Source

Adam Strom

Founder, CEO, Mobius.MD

The secret's not an algorithm, not a digital metric, 
it's the ONE DIFFERENCE that makes you a Stand-Out Brand.

For CEOs, Business Owners and Decision-Makers, Only.

"No one could make us stand out in video tech -- until I met Bill.  He gave me his formula. Now  Branding made sense.  Customers finally saw our unique value!  Long story short, as the press reported, we were brought for $17.5 million.  One day I woke up a millionaire.  My life has never been the same since."
"Bill Schley is the world's expert on Branding a business.  If you ever have a chance to work with him, or learn from him, you owe it to yourself to take it."

- Nick Stokman

Founder and Former CEO, VidGrid

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Brand Team Six LLC ©2023 - All Rights Reserved

Brand Team Six LLC ©2023 - All Rights Reserved